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Primary Care Access

Compare the ability to travel to and acquire an appropriate and affordable level of healthcare service within a short travel time throughout West Virginia.


These video provides an overview of the interactive map for primary healthcare access on the WV HealthLink website.

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About WV Healthlink

WV Healthlink began in 2017 to develop a geographic decision support tool to address the needs of the Rural Health Initiative and medical schools in West Virginia. The project was led by three faculty members from the Geography Department at WVU. With the support of a team of several graduate students and undergrate researchers they created a comprehensive mapping application that included every primary care center in the state. WV Healthlink developed a socio-spatial index that evaluates the acecssiblity of primary care centers for every community in West Virginia.

Insu Hong

Assistant Professor of Geography -WVU

Jamison Conley

Associate Professor of Geography -WVU

Thomson Gross

GIS Research Director -WVU Center for Resilient Communities

Bradley Wilson

Associate Professor of Geography -WVU